Happy Mother's Day 2021: Amazon Mothers!  Who gave birth to lions and sons!  Know their names

Happy Mother’s Day 2020 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Happy Mother’s Day 2021: ‘World Maternity Day’ is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in the sense of honoring the mother throughout the world. Every mother has the same feelings towards her son. That his son become an indomitable adventurer, heroic and cultured and make his mark in the world. Here, we are introducing some such adventurous mothers, who played an important role in making their son an example in front of the world even under adverse circumstances. Also Read: Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes: Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day, Facebook Messages, WhatsApp Stickers

Mother Sita: Love-Kush, son of bravery

Talking about motherhood, the first name comes in Sita Jehan, the mother of Treta Yuga, who we can call the example of sacrifice, sacrifice and struggle. According to Valmiki Ramayana, Sita ji was the dear daughter of King Janak, but it was only after her marriage with Sri Ram that a series of struggles started in her life that continued throughout her life. She was deprived of maternity pleasure till her exile period of 14 years. And when she came to Ayodhya and got an opportunity to enjoy being a mother, she had to take shelter in Valmiki’s ashram, facing the brunt of her husband’s sacrifice. At the same time, he gave birth to Luv Kush, he also sowed the seeds of valor, education and rites in both the children, eventually making him worthy of the throne of Ayodhya. Few such examples of maternity leave will be found in Indian history.

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Shakuntala: Mahabashali’s son Bharata:

Like mother Sita, Shankutla had to face the pain of exile instead of Raja Yoga. King Dushyant married Gandharva to Shakuntala while staying in the ashram of Kanva sage. But when Shakuntala reached the palace of King Dushyant, Dushyant refused to recognize Shakuntala. Shakuntala, saddened by Dushyant’s behavior, instead of returning to the ashram of Kanva Rishi, resided among the tribes. At the same time, he gave birth to Bharata. Shakuntala taught Bharat from education to valor. It is said that one day when King Dushyant went to the forest to play hunting, he is surprised to see that a small boy was riding on the back of Khunkhar Singh and counting his teeth. This boy was actually Bharata, the son of Shakuntala. Later, our country was named India after this child.

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Rani Dharma: Chakravarti emperor son Ashoka:

In the Mauryan era, the stories of the heroism of Emperor Ashoka are full. Ashoka was the son of King Bindusar and Queen Dharma. Her husband Bindusar was a weak king. Dharma was not only a scholar, but also very beautiful and well versed in politics. He gave the same rites in the upbringing of Ashoka. He made Ashoka proficient in military activities since childhood. After becoming Emperor, Ashoka greatly expanded his kingdom with his valor and shrewdness. In front of his gallantry, the king used to bow down to him and silently hand over power to him. Ashoka eventually got the honor of Chakravarti Emperor. This pride in Indian history is only in the name of Ashoka. It is said that the empire of Emperor Ashoka was established in addition to present-day India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar. It was the largest Indian empire till date.

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Jijabai: son Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj:

If there is a discussion of Indian mighty kings and Shivaji is not mentioned, then it will be incomplete. And the credit for grooming his bravery goes to his mother Jijabai. It was a miracle of Jijabai’s foresight that she had chosen Guru Ramdas for Shivaji’s education, and that Jijabai herself, full of valor, valor and patriotism in Shivaji. It is said that even Shivaji’s special war art, ie the art of gorilla warfare, was received from his mother Jijabai. It was the majesty of Jijabai that she taught in Shivaji to respect women. Shivaji never allowed the enemy’s women to be harmed in the war.


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