After all, why are the girls here drinking tea like coffee, know the snake blood


Lifestyle Desk. People of many places in the world are known all over the world for their special routines and lifestyles. Today we are going to tell you about such a country in the world, where people are drinking snake blood like tea coffee. Yes friends, we are absolutely telling the truth. Friends, today we are talking about Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, a unique practice of drinking blood of poisonous cobra snakes. For information, tell us that in most of the areas here, cobra is sold after snake blood and people drink it tastefully while walking in the morning and evening. Let us tell you that most of the women here are drinking the blood of snakes. According to sources, men here drink cobra blood to improve their health, while women drink it to make their skin beautiful. For information, tell that the women living here believe that drinking cobra blood makes the skin shiny.


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