After all, why PM Modi is keeping this long beard and hair, this Mahant revealed


PM Modi has not shaved off his beard and hair for months and a number of speculations have been made for the reason for not getting his hair cut. It was earlier heard that they are not cutting their hair and beards keeping in mind the Corona period, so that people get a lesson and they leave the house only for necessary tasks.

But now a new reason for his long beard and hair has emerged. Visvarupasana Tirtha, the seer of Udupi’s famous Pijwara Matha (monastery), has said that the prime beard and hair of the prime minister is due to a pledge taken by him to complete the construction of the Ram temple.

In response to questions on the temple trust, Drishta said, “Apart from laying the foundation stone for the construction of the temple, PM Modi has taken full responsibility to ensure its execution. The customs show that during the construction of the temple, a person is forbidden to get hair and beard cut, and keeping this in mind, PM is probably not getting hair and beard cut.

Swami Vishwaprasanna Tirth said that the current estimate of total cost is around Rs 1,500 crore. “This includes about 500 crore rupees for the temple and the rest to develop the surrounding area,” he said.


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