Air pollution can become the risk of many serious diseases


new Delhi. Air pollution is a serious issue for a large regional part of North India. At the same time, due to pollution in the winter season, a health emergency was imposed in Delhi-NCR. Alleged elements of air pollution, particularly PM 2.5, pose a threat to heart disease on a large scale.

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In many researches, evidence of PM 2.5 and blood pressure problem are linked. A new research in Delhi has presented scientific evidence of the short-term and long-term effects of PM2.5 on high blood pressure (BP) and hypertension.

The research was published in the American Heart Association’s major journal Circulation. According to this research, the data revealed are largely environmental air pollution as high systolic BP, and hypertension factor.

Dr. Dorairaj Prabhakaran, one of the authors involved in the project and its principal investigator and vice president of research and policy at the Public Health Foundation India, said, “Connecting PM2.5 and Hypertension as a Marker of Air Pollution in India” There is little or no evidence. This is the first of its kind research that has demonstrated epidemiological evidence showing high blood pressure and the risk of hypertension caused by PM2.5. “

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The research was conducted by Indian scientists in collaboration with the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health at the Center for Chronic Disease Control and PHFI. This research reveals strong evidence of the harmful effects of PM 2.5 on cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in India.

Prabhakaran added, “Research findings have shown that both short- and long-term exposure to air pollution increases the risk of high blood pressure and hypertension, especially in certain sections of the population (obese).”

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Research has shown that the highest number of deaths in the country are related to heart diseases, so air pollution control will prove to be important in reducing the major factors of these diseases.

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A researcher involved in the research said, “Until we reach a safe level of air quality, people at risk of arrhythmias, people with heart disease, especially from going out and avoiding exposure to PM 2.5 Is required and should use the N95 mask if possible. “


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