Remove these misconceptions related to alcohol and obesity


Are you getting too fat because of alcohol? Did you drink and lose weight? The answer can be both yes and no.

Alcohol and weight gain

Information about this is very incomplete. The truth is that about 7 calories are found per gram of alcohol. This is not according to the diet. Because no nutritional benefits are found in alcohol.

It is believed that the calories found in it increase weight. This suggests that alcohol can also break your weight loss objective.

Studies show that alcohol can increase the appetite a lot, for a short time it is possible that a drink can also increase your weight. People who drink more than 30 grams of alcohol per day can gain a lot of weight.

After consuming alcohol, you also have a desire to eat other spicy things and you eat. This increases excess calories in your body. Believe it or not This shows that alcohol can make you very fat.

Alcohol drinking tips

If you cannot control alcohol consumption then you must take it with your food. Be sure to avoid mixing alcohol with processed food, it can increase your weight a lot.

Take alcoholic beverages that contain very small amounts of sugar. Do not drink too much food so that you will eat more than needed and this will also increase your weight.