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No matter how vigilant you are, but at times you fall prey to infection. Do you know what is the reason behind this? Your dirty habit which has become a part of lifestyle and many times we ignore it. We feel that infection cannot happen due to these habits but sometimes it is due to these reasons. Let’s know what is some dirty habit that has been included in the daily routine.

Mobile and toilet connection

If this connection is yours too, change it immediately. The biggest drawback of today’s lifestyle is that mobile now accompanies everywhere. We have become accustomed to carry mobile even in the toilet. This causes the bacteria called e-coli to cause infections several times. This germ is present on the toilet seat, tap, flush etc. and it reaches the mobile via hand too. This puts the risk of UTI infection.

Infection is also done from remote

Everyone touches the remote and that is why the remote also has harmful bacteria. The remote is kept anywhere and people keep touching it even in winter. This increases the chances of getting infected.


Bringing shoes and slippers from outside to home also invites diseases. So, if you have a habit of taking out shoes worn to the bedroom, then change it. To change the shoes outside the house, place a chair near the drawer so that it can be removed and brought to the stand by hand. Many kinds of germs spread in the house due to rubbing shoes all over the house.

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Place the handbag anywhere

Handbags are also a big reason for infection because we keep it anywhere anytime. This also brings germs easily to them. Sometimes the handbag goes to the office toilet. In such a situation, there is an increased possibility of e-coli germination. Bringing it home and keeping it anywhere causes bacteria to spread in the house.


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