Amla is very beneficial for health, know how


Amla is the main source of Vitamin C. It is also found in plenty of calcium, iron, phosphorus, fiber and carbohydrates. Amla can be consumed in the form of pickles, jam, juice and powder.

Let me tell you that Amla is very beneficial for both skin and hair, but its medicinal properties also protect us from many serious diseases. Let us tell you about the important benefits of health by consuming Amla:

1. Properties of Amla
Let me tell you that amla is the main source of antioxidants, potassium, carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, vitamin C, A, B complex, iron.

2. Increase digestive power
It increases metabolic activity of the body, which keeps the body fully healthy. Amla powder is also very helpful in digesting food.

3. Stresses away
Eating Indian gooseberry at night helps in getting better sleep. All day fatigue and stress is removed.

4. beneficial for heart and kidney
It also prevents infections in the kidney and prevents stones from forming in the kidney. It is also very beneficial for the heart muscle. Daily intake of one gooseberry keeps sugar in the blood under control.

5. Increases immunity.
Let me tell you that amla has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Skin does not cause infection due to its use. It prevents many serious diseases of the body. Bones are strengthened by its use. It provides complete relief from joint pain, osteoporosis, arthritis.


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