Get rid of these home remedies from ankle pain


Pain in the ankles has become very common nowadays. Due to standing too long, sprained legs and wearing tight footwear, there is a very sharp pain in the ankles. Apart from this,

the intake of sleeping pills, diabetes, obesity, lack of body nutrition and increased uric acid are also the main reason for this pain. Let me tell you that some people take medicines to get rid of it, but adopting home remedies instead is the best solution.

Home remedy for ankle pain

1. Do this exercise with towels

Fold a towel well under your soles and lift the ankles upwards. Now stretch the foot well. Stay in this position for about 15 to 30 seconds and then do the same with the other leg. This will completely relieve the pain of the ankles in no time.

2. Lemon and onion paste

To completely relieve pain, make a paste of onion, lemon and salt. Apply it in the ankles before sleeping at night. The pain will disappear by morning.

3. Salt water

Add salt to the water and heat it lukewarm. Now sit for 10-15 minutes putting feet in this water. This will not only relieve ankle pain but it will also relieve tingling, numbness and swelling.

4. Ice Shrink

Let me tell you that to get relief from this pain, foment the heel with ice for 20-30 minutes every three-four hours. Doing this regularly will give you great relief from heel pain.

5. Coconut Oil Massage

Massage with coconut or mustard oil at least three times a day to get relief from heel pain. This will give you quick relief from pain.

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6. Choose the right shoes

If you have severe pain in your heel, wear shoes of excellent quality, which are comfortable according to your feet.


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