Are you also troubled by the roughness of the face, then definitely read it?


Face becomes dry in the skin, there is no moisture in the skin, due to which your face does not look beautiful and bland. Almost everyone is troubled by this, but today in this article you will know how to give moisture to the face with home remedies.

1. Take a little cream of milk before you sleep at night and apply it on your face and massage all over the face, keep massaging slowly for a long time then wash your mouth with some warm water. By always doing this, your face will not feel dry and the facial skin will get moisture.

2. Before going to bed at night, take a little rose water and apply it all over your face and massage it lightly with your hands and keep doing it for a long time. But do not wash it like cream because it is a type of water. Even by doing this, the skin of your face will not feel dry. You should always do this, which will soon improve the face.

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