Are you also troubled by white hair, then follow this simple method


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Let me tell you that coconut oil is very effective in removing the troubles of your white hair. But if you want to make your oil massage more effective and also to stop the white hair, then you must mix this very special thing with coconut oil.

First of all you take coconut oil and put curry leaves in it and boil it until the tabs turn black. Then when it gets cold then massage your hair with this oil well. Remember do not wash hair immediately after doing this, wash it only after about 30 to 45 minutes.

Second experiment, you mix lemon juice in coconut oil. And then you massage your hair and head properly with it. After doing this, wash your head after about half an hour. Coconut oil is beneficial in preventing white hair.

You put dried amla pieces inside the coconut oil and then boil them. And later when the oil gets cold then massage it well on your head and hair. You must leave about 1 intensity before washing the hair. Do this once or twice a week, you will benefit.

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