Are you also upset with your anger? Adopt this simple solution


Do you also get angry at me? You can not control your anger? Does she speak anything wrong in anger or make everyone an enemy with her angry nature? Do not worry, we are telling you some easy steps that will get your anger out of touch – Mantar, let us know here –

1 Countdown count Whenever you are angry or angry with something, then start counting the countdown to calm your anger. That will calm your anger.

2 Exercise – Instead of getting angry or reacting angrily to something, focus your attention on something else. You start humming Start climbing stairs or jogging. This will reduce your anger.

3 Breathe hard Take long long breaths to control anger. Listen to music or watch movies you like.

4 Talk to the person you like If you are angry about something, do not keep it inside. Make your mind light by talking to the person of your choice. This will calm your inner anger.

5 Speak thoughtfully Before you speak to anyone, keep in mind what you are saying. Quit your habit of reacting quickly with anger.

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