COVID-19 Vaccine: Are you going to get vaccinated?  What to eat before and after vaccination?  Learn expert opinion!

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COVID-19 Vaccine: From 1 May 2021, the process of vaccination has started on those above 18 years. According to the latest statistics, the first dose of vaccine has been applied to about 17 crore Indians so far. But there are still many misconceptions among people about vaccination, what are the things to be kept in mind before getting vaccinated? When to eat and what not? Sumit Gupta, a doctor of a private hospital in Gurgaon, is telling here what things should be taken care of before and after getting the vaccine.

According to Dr. Sumit Gupta, it is important to first know that you will not have the misconception after getting the vaccine that you will no longer have corona. If you have taken care of your lifestyle a little carelessly, do not put on a mask, and do not follow social distancing, then Corona can ever catch you, so for the moment you need to be restrained. Now as long as you have a dilemma about food before and after taking the vaccine, then you do not need to be a panic.

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Keep these things in mind before taking the vaccine

Use the double mask to go to the vaccine center in the lock down and after touching anything, keep the hands sanitized. Dr. Sumit says that one must get complete sleep a day before getting vaccinated. Have a light dinner before bed. Use fiber rich food in dinner. For example, eat soup and salad and broccoli, beans or light fry vegetables in dinner. These food items are easily digested, leading to good sleep and the immune system functioning smoothly. Yes, stay away from alcohol for at least 15 days before and after taking the vaccine. Also read: Get the information of COVID-19 Vaccine Center near your home on WhatsApp, this is the complete process

Dehydration can increase in the body due to its intake and the common symptoms that occur after vaccination can take serious forms. Drinking alcohol weakens the immune system. Avoid coffee this night too, because drinking coffee ends sleep. Give the body full rest a day before taking the vaccine. Before leaving for a vaccine, take foods containing oats, fruits and seeds for breakfast.

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You can also have green vegetables, avocado and omelettes for lunch. If your vaccination time is between noon and evening, then eat green vegetables, lentils and salad in sufficient quantity. There should be plenty of water in your body before taking the vaccine. If you do not like plain water, take lemonade, you can eat cucumber in fruits.

Do this after getting the vaccine

After a research conducted in the US, scientists have believed that by keeping a lot of food in moderation, it becomes easier to control the kovid infection. This research has also shown that consuming standing grains with nutrition and anti-inflammatory strengthens the immune system, and provides more benefits after the vaccine is applied. Dr. Sumit says, It has been seen that some people complain of dizziness after getting the vaccine, it can be due to many reasons such as needle pain, drinking less water and other stress. Sometimes this happens with blood sugar.

To avoid this, drink plenty of water before applying the vaccine. Immediately after getting the vaccine, take some such things which are digestible. Taking soup, coconut water, fresh watermelon sorbet, etc. keeps both body and mind calm. It is better not to eat fry food, non-vegetarian, fried roasted and spicy garish food as much as possible at dinner after getting vaccinated. After applying the vaccine, keep a paracetamol or Dolo tablet with you, maybe if you have fever at night, take a tablet. Also Read: Fact Check: WhatsApp message of ‘COVID-19 Three Stages’ treatment in the name of Tata Health came back this year, know the truth of this viral message

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These side effects of vaccinations can irritate some people even for 2-3 days. Even after getting the vaccine, keep taking maximum water or liquid. Nutritional foods can also prove to be beneficial for you. Side effects of the vaccine can occur for one or more than three days, but do not be afraid to take the next dose without being afraid of it. Resolve to beat Corona by taking the next dose for 6 to 8 weeks. In the end the victory will be yours.


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