Baldness Problem: Use these Ayurvedic tips to remove baldness, your hair will become thick and long.


Lifestyle Desk. The use of various types of shampoos, genetic deficiency and hormone deficiency often leads to hair loss, due to which baldness starts appearing at an early age. Due to the baldness of friends, people have to face embarrassment many times. Today we are going to tell you some Ayurvedic tips, with the help of which you can gradually get rid of baldness problem.

1. To get rid of the problem of baldness, according to Ayurveda, you soak fenugreek and leave it overnight and mix it in curd and make paste in the morning and apply it to your hair and roots. After about 1 hour wash the hair with clean water. By using this recipe continuously, the hair growth starts increasing, which gradually reduces baldness.

2. According to Ayurveda, to get rid of baldness problem, grind urad dal and grind it and apply it on the head every night before sleeping. Using Ayurvedic remedies for a few days, hair starts growing and baldness is eliminated.


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