Be aware of these things if you have a migraine


People usually forget to consider migraine as a common headache, when in reality the two are different. A common headache rarely bothers you, while a migraine problem often troubles you. Not only this, the common headache occurs on both sides of the head, but in case of migraine, the pain is only behind one eye or ear. In such a situation, it is very important that you take special care of some things so that you can stay away from the problem of migraine for more time-

  • Migraine sufferers should never be exposed to bare head sunlight. Summer can be difficult for them to bear. So whenever you come out in the sun, leave with a scarf, cap or umbrella.
  • Apart from this, air travel for such people can also be quite painful. Indeed, migraine pain may emerge due to changes in air pressure during air travel.
  • Migraine sufferers are sensitive to light, so they can use colored sunglasses while going out.
  • Migraine patients should take special care that their body is not dihydrated. Keeping the body well hydrated is a good way to avoid migraines.

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