Beauty Tips: – Argan oil has amazing benefits in hair, know its benefits


Applying argon oil to hair helps a lot in hair growth. Argan oil can help a lot in repairing damaged hair. Today we tell you about some ways to use argon oil in hair, so let’s know.

With shampoo – Take a little shampoo in your hand and then add two drops of argan oil to it and rub it well in your palms. Now massage your scalp lightly with the help of your fingers. Now wash it with water at least once a week Do it at least three times.

Live in conditioner

Wash your hair thoroughly using your favorite shampoo, wear it. Now wipe off the excess water with the help of a towel. Now rub 2 drops of argon oil in your palms and apply it on your hair, let it dry and style.

Hair mask –

You put equal amount of argon oil and coconut oil in a bowl, now comb the hairs, now you apply this mixture of oil well in your hair, after that cover your hair with a hair cap and let it sit for 30 minutes Leave it as is, now wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.



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