Beauty Tips: – Choose blush according to your skin tone, makeup will look very beautiful


When it comes to makeup, blush is definitely included in it, it gives your makeup a refreshing look.

Every skin is different from a woman’s tone, so it is important that you take care of your skin tone while choosing the blush, if you choose the wrong blush shade, then your entire makeup look can get worse.

Fair Skin Tone – If you have fair skin tone then you like Vibrate shades quite well. You can choose shades of blush that enhance the look of your fair skin and you can choose shades like soft pinch, pitch or light coral.

Medium Skin Tone – If you have a medium skin tone, you can use lots of shades, you can experiment with different colors and create different looks in your makeup.

Deep Skin Tone – If you have a deep skin tone, you can choose several shades of blush for your skin, light shades of powder pink, coral and reds will give your makeup a radiant out look.



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