Beauty Tips: definitely try this nail art design to make nails beautiful in Navratri


In the auspicious days of Navratri, not only does devotion emerge in the hearts of people, but it is a festival, women who are fully immersed in the color of faith and joy, do not leave a chance to decorate in these nine days where fasting for another day , Fasting and devotion are the same, in the same way, there are colorful programs like chanting of goddess, worshiping mother, and this time there is a lot of prostration, do full devotion to mother, today we are telling you some nail art designs which are perfect for Navratri is

It is the practice of garb to do devotion of mother, in such a situation, if you want, you can make colorful dandiya designs on your nails, for this you first apply white base color on the nails, after that you can make the dandiya of the colors of your choice in the last. Seal the design with the help of top coat

Navaratri is the occasion when there is only and only positiveness in everyone’s mind, mother’s makeup is done, in such a way, make your nails as colorful as possible. You can create a different design with the help of some bright colors like yellow, orange etc. This makes the nails look very good

This is a very good idea to celebrate Navratri, you can resort to colors like white, red, black to make nail art. There are many women who like to make nail art designs but they do not know how to do it. With the help of nail art stickers, Navratri can create special nail art designs.

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