Beauty Tips: Follow some special methods to get rid of oily skin


To get rid of oily skin, women use products in the skincare routine that make their skin dry, the body starts producing more oil, due to this, overproduction of sebum causes acne-related skin problems on the face. Correct care is required to get

We have to include some things in skin care that will nourish the skin, so today we will tell you about the face m ask.

Take egg white and add cucumber juice to it as well as mint. It helps to tighten the skin, shrink pores and reduce excess oil.

Take half a banana and mix lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil in it. And make a paste and apply it on the face. It helps in getting rid of sebum and dead skin. Lemon is a natural cleaner work.

Besan, turmeric and curd make a paste and apply it on your face and neck, it helps in balancing the skin oil.


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