Beauty Tips: – Follow these home remedies to remove the stains of the feet easily


Today we are going to tell you about some home remedies that will help you in removing dark spores and tanning on your feet, so let’s know about these home remedies.

material – 2 tablespoons potato juice, 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel

Method – First of all, wash the potato thoroughly, then peel it, now garnish the potato and extract its juice, now add aloe vera gel to the potato juice, then apply this mixture on the feet with the help of a cotton pad. After that, rub the potato on your feet and then clean it with cold water.

material – 1 lemon peel

Method First of all, squeeze the lemon juice and keep it aside, then wherever there is a scar in your knee or foot, do rub it once a day, this will soon reduce your scars.



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