Beauty Tips: Get beautiful and glowing skin with sago in Navratri, make a special face pack in this way


Fasting is also started as soon as Navratri starts, many people fast for nine days all day, sago is nutritious as well as digestible. Today we are telling you to make face packs with sago

If your skin is dry, then you grind the sago and mix the mixture in it and then pack the air. Now apply this pack on your face, after drying, clean your face with cold water, it removes the dryness of your skin, if you oily If you are the mistress of the skin, then you grind the sago and add lemon juice to it and apply it on your face, it helps in reducing the extra oil from your skin.

If you have acne on your skin, then grind the sago and prepare a pack by adding a little water to it and apply it on the whole face, it helps to improve the skin tone.

Sago is also used to get rid of dark underarms. For this, you have to grind the sago and make a paste by mixing some curd and turmeric powder in it and apply it on the underarm.


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