Beauty Tips: Glows on skin to bleach, know some special things


If you bleach at home to enhance your skin, then today we will tell you some things that you should take care of

Bleach can also be used to replace wax on the hands, feet, and abdomen.

The amount of ammonia added to bleach, as directed, excess ammonia content can damage your face.

While bleaching, care must be taken not to apply bleach on the eyes and eye brow

There are many types of bleach available in the market. You can use it as a trial, try applying this mixup of cream and powder on the elbow or elsewhere, and if the skin is irritated, give a larger amount of cream in this mixture.

You should keep in mind that always use the bleach of the branded company

Bleach is a good option to enhance face skin, bleach helps to hide unwanted hair.



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