Beauty Tips: – Hema Malini told the secret of her beautiful and glowing skin


Bollywood’s famous actress Hema Malini is known for beauty, health, fitness, Hema Malini said in an interview that I always consider myself 10 years younger than my age and also told about some special beauty routine.

Hema Malini told that till 9 in the morning her time is there and she does everything from taking V Yoga, Pranayam, Healthy Diet.

Hema Malini told in an interview that she believes in yoga and pranayama which makes her skin look very good.

Diet: – Hema Malissi takes full care of her diet, Hema Malini tries to keep her diet natural, she wakes up in the morning and drinks lukewarm water, in addition to this, definitely include fruits and vegetables in her diet.

Makeup :- Hema Malini said that she does not like to put too much makeup on her skin, she likes to keep her skin natural, she uses essential oils on her skin.


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