Beauty Tips: – If you want to have beautiful skin then do not forget this mistake


Today we are going to tell you about some such mistakes due to which your skin starts to get old soon, so let’s know.

Never use a skin scrub daily, it causes great damage to the skin’s pores, if you repeatedly scrub the skin, your skin will look more dry, flakey, red.

After washing your face, many people rub the towel vigorously on their skin to dry it, causing great damage to your skin, this can cause pimples.

You take medicines or some kind of external vitamins to keep your skin perfect, but it would be better if you eat natural food, it will benefit your skin, you can eat food like tomatoes, broccoli, pitch.

You can use clay based mask more easily, you can use readymade clay mask or multani mitti rose petals.



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