Beauty Tips: Keep these special things in mind while waxing


If you also do waxing at home, then you should take care of some special things. Today we tell you some tips with the help of which you can do waxing easily at home, so let’s know.

Always keep in mind that before waxing, prepare all the things and keep them in the same place, then while waxing at home, check how long your hair is for waxing your hair at least 1/4 inch long If your hair is shorter than this, then you should avoid waxing.

Now apply a bit of powder to the place worn by applying wax, after that take hot wax and apply it on top of the powder, then apply a waxing strip on it and rub it slowly after that. Remove the strip from the side.

After waxing, wipe the area with warm water, then use cold water to wash it. Make sure not to exfoliate the place for at least a few hours after waxing, as well as avoid thick cream. |


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