Beauty Tips: Scrubs made at home for perfect manicure, know the easy way to make


Manicures can definitely be made easy by spending money in the parlor and if you like clean nails, you can make scrubs at home. This natural scrub does not cause any damage to your skin, and it also helps with yellowing of the nails and hands. Helps remove dead skin

First take light lukewarm water in a bowl and mix it with shampoo, body wash, honey, lemon juice. Lemon acts as an excellent de-tanning and whitening agent and honey is considered to be the best moisturizer to make skin clearer moisturized. Keeps dead skin helps to get out

When you want to scrub, first wash the hands with soap or body wash, then remove the nail polish with nail paint remover and give the nails a perfect shape with the nail fiber. You can give any shape as per your choice. This scrub has to keep the nails soaked and it helps the dead cells and cuticles to come out.

When coming out or working at home, your nails get puffy and dirty, a manicure is necessary to avoid washing your hands with soap even if you have clean hands to avoid germs and infection in the week. It is very important to do a manicure once, the manicure not only keeps the hands clean but it also increases your blood circulation, this is also because 20 minutes massage gives your hands a rest

Nowadays it is very important to get rest in a run-of-the-mill life, due to the massage of hands, your palms and fingers also get relief, which is very important.

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