Beauty Tips: – This homemade recipe of Actress Sheeba Akashdeep adopted to remove dark circles


Nowadays you will find many under eye creams in the market which claim to remove dark circles, but if you too are looking for an easy home remedy to overcome this problem then today we will tell you by actress Sheeba Akashdeep Easily tells about the tips that you must try once.

material – 1 potato, 4 mint leaves

Method – First of all peel the potato well and extract its juice, then wash and grind the mint leaves too well and take out the juice, then mix the potato and mint juice in a bowl and now take 2 cotton pads And dip it in the juice mixture, after that, keep these cotton in the fridge to cool down. Now put these trees under your eyes and let them sit for 15 minutes. By doing this everyday, reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Will be done.

material – 1 tbsp carrot juice, 1 tsp aloe vera gels, 1 tsp adorned white

Method – First of all, wash the carrot thoroughly, after that take out the juice, now separate the white part of the egg in the aloe vera gels and take it out in a bowl, now mix all these ingredients and apply them under your eyes with the help of a brush. Now let it remain for at least 20 minutes, after which wash the face with cold water.



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