Beauty Tips: – To look like Shriya Saran is very beautiful, then follow these beauty tips


Shriya Saran is a famous actress of Bollywood and South India, Shriya Saran is often in the headlines for her beauty, today we are going to tell you about some beauty secrets of Shriya Saran, so let’s know about the beauty secret.

In an interview, Shriya Saran had told about her beauty secrets, she said that glycerin in rose water looks like both a toner and a moisturizer, sometimes it is sprayed on the face after filling it in a spray bottle.

Shriya Saran uses turmeric and curd in gram flour for cleansing her face, this homemade recipe is very good for facial cleansing.

Shriya Saran has said that it is very important to look beautiful from inside, she takes a lot of sleep, besides she also pays great attention to exercising along with balanced diet.



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