Beauty Tips: Try Avocado Face Mask to make the skin glow and glow


Every woman wants that her face looks bright and the products that appear in the market are beneficial, but their effect is not permanent, it is best that you adopt home remedies, Bollywood actress has given a recipe on her Instagram Shared, with the help of which you make the skin shine and glowing medicine, Sheeba Akashdeep has told about the avocoda face pack in this video.

Ingredients: 1 scoop avocado, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp yogurt

Method: First take two pieces of avocoda out of its pulp, now take a bowl and take avocado’s anus, honey, curd and mix it well on your face and neck and after 30 minutes with cold water Wash off

Avocoda has many benefits for the skin, its use reduces wrinkles on the face and reduces inflammation.

Honey is also very moisturized. Honey also helps in maintaining the pH of the skin.

Curd is also a very good moisturizer for the skin, it makes the skin soft and shiny, using it enhances the skin color and removes blemishes.



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