Do you know how beneficial camphor is for the skin?


Camphor is used in puja but apart from puja it is also very beneficial for the skin.

Acne, stains and spots on the face is a common problem, but camphor oil is very effective for this. Applying it on the face removes stains and can also be rid of pimples. It also removes skin allergies.

While working in the kitchen many times, if you get marks due to burning hands or any injury, then mix some camphor in water and apply it. Stains will disappear.

If the feet have broken, then heat the water and put some camphor in it and soak the feet for a while and massage with some cream makes the feet soft.

If there is red rash on the skin, mix camphor in water and apply it on rashis. Will be relieved.

Kapoor makes hair strong. Mixing it in some oil and applying it on hair is beneficial. Wash hair after one hour of applying it. Massaging hair with camphor oil eliminates the problem of loss.

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