These measures are very beneficial in increasing weight of children


In today’s time, the weight of children is not correct according to age, due to the lack of proper food. At the same time, every parent is worried about the weight of their children.

Some children are overweight, which is also not good for health. But even if the weight of the child is low enough, the child’s development will not be right. In such a situation what should be fed to the children that they should remain healthy and their weight should also be balanced.

Skim milk
If the child is underweight then feed him with milk. If she does not like to drink, then make a shake so that the cream reaches her body.

Ghee and butter Feed the baby with ghee and butter. Putting it in the pulse will have the greatest effect.

Potato and egg Both egg and potato have strength. Protein is high in one, carbohydrate in the other. In such a situation, you can boil and feed both of these.

Sprout Feed the child sprouts, this will correct its weight. If the child is very young, give him water to drink.

Keep the routine right If the child has to be healthy, then pay attention to his routine. Feed him a diet at the right time.