(Know how beneficial turnip is for health)



Turnip is a vegetable that can be fed in every disease. Turnip is very beneficial for singers and those who give speeches. Know some such benefits of turnip ..

Vegetables of turnips can be fed freely to the sick. Diarrhea is cleared by eating raw turnips.

Diabetes- Its patient should eat vegetable of turnip regularly.

Stopping urine A turnip and a radish should be eaten raw after cutting.

Diseases of gums and teeth- Teeth and gums are cured by chewing the turnip with raw chew.

Cold and swelling of the fingers Boil 50 grams of turnips in one kg of water. Then, keeping hands and feet in this water, swelling of the fingers is removed.

Asthma Mixing the juice of turnips, cabbage, carrots and beans, drinking for two weeks in the morning and evening is beneficial.

Asthma, cough, sore throat – Boil turnip in water and filter this water and mix sugar and drink it.Turnkey greens are beneficial for those who strangle, sing and give speeches.


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