Use of hand sanitizer is recommended to protect against the global crisis corona virus, but even this does not name the havoc of infection. There are three major measures worldwide to protect against this deadly virus – face mask, hand sanitizer and social distancing.Sanitizer

But if you come to know that there are 44 hand sanitizers all over the world, who are spreading cancer to people instead of avoiding corona, then you are bound to get worried. But this revelation has been made in a study. The online pharmacy firm Valizer, based in New Haven, has done this study on 260 hand sanitizers around the world.

It has been found that 44 hand sanitizers are using such chemicals, which are very dangerous for human health. Constant exposure to these chemicals can lead to cancer. They are also very dangerous for the skin of chemical people.

Valyzer has expressed concern in view of this threat and has been informed by writing to the US Department of Food and Drugs (FDA). In the letter, it has been written that the use of hand sanitizer has increased in the world for the last few days to avoid corona.

Therefore, in the study of these hand sanitizers, several hazardous chemicals have been found to cause cancer risk, including benzene. Benzene is very dangerous for health. Blood corpuscles in the body do not function properly due to exposure to high levels of benzene. Sometimes red blood cells stop forming or white blood cells start to decrease, which makes the immune system very weak.


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