Bhakti: Chanting these mantras to remove problems in the maximum month


More month has started from September 18, which will last till October 16. In this month, the devotion of Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna has special significance, so it is also called Purushottam month, if some special measures are taken in this month then Lord Vishnu is pleased.

ॐ Namo Narayana Namaya, ॐ Devakisut Govind Vasudev Jagatpate, भग Srikrishnay Namaya, ॐ Namo Bhagavate Vasadevaya Namah:, Klein Hrishikeshaya Namah: Shrikrishna Sharanam Mam, ॐ Gokul Nathay Namah:

After bathing in the morning, worship Lord Krishna and offer yellow clothes and offer Makhan-Mishri

After this, take a rosary of Tulsi and chant 1 of these mantras 108 times.

In this way, worshiping lawfully will remove your problem.



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