Big nose means big penis!  Recent study on length of penis revealed shocking

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Bigger Nose Means Larger Penis? Most of the people feel that the men who have long, long and broad shoulders, also have larger penis size. If you think the same then let us tell you that this is not true, but do you know that there is a deep connection between the Bigger Nose and the Larger Penis. Yes, we are not saying this, but in a recent study, it has been revealed that men who have large noses, their genitals can also be large in size. According to the new study, men whose nose is bigger, their penis is also longer. The question here is whether there is actually a connection between the length of the genitals and the body parts, or is it just a coincidence. Well, researchers have found that men with large noses also have at least 5.3 inches of stretched pencil length.

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It has also been revealed that men with small noses have a penis length of 4.1 inches when they are erected. The report of this study has been published in Basic and Clinical Andrology. The study found the bodies of about 126 men. Several parts of the body were measured within three days of his death. Researchers at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine took into account their height, weight, penis length, penis circumference and the weight of their testicles. Also Read: Can COVID-19 Vaccine Increase Penis Length: Can COVID-19 Vaccine Penis Length Extend 3 Inches?


Conclusion of the study: The fact that the size of the nose is related to SPL, indicating that the length of the penis cannot be determined by age, height or body weight, but would have been determined before birth. is. Analysis of the data also showed that the length of males is correlated with penis size. According to a separate study, the average penis size in Japan is 4.5 inches and a correlation was found between the nose and penis size, but they did not find a reason why this could happen.

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