Bird Flu is spreading all around, in such a way, whether you eat egg chicken or not, expert’s opinion


The risk of corona virus epidemic was not completely reduced yet that bird flu spread in the country, due to which there is an alert situation in many states. After Rajasthan, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, there have been many cases of this in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab also, in such a situation is it safe to eat chicken or not? As many questions have started to arise in people’s minds, let’s know the answer to every question related to Bird Flu…

Can bird flu happen to humans too?
Yes, this disease can be spread in humans also when coming in contact with infected birds.

Which birds have the symptoms of bird flu?
Right now, Bird Flu has spread in crow, pigeon, peacock, chicken, duck.

Can domesticated birds cause bird flu?
Yes, if a pet bird is infected, humans can also become infected if they come in contact with it.

What is the treatment for bird flu?
Yes, there is a cure. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice symptoms of Bird Flu.

Is egg safe to eat?
Yes, the risk of infection is eliminated if the eggs are cooked properly.

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