Birmingham Vaccine Expert’s Big Claim, Taking Vaccine Instead of Eating It Will Have More Effect


new Delhi. The total number of Corona virus cases worldwide has crossed 254 million, while more than 849,000 people have lost their lives due to the disease. In such a situation, work is going on on hundreds of vaccines (Corona Vaccine) to save the world from this epidemic. No strong claim has been made about the form of the corona vaccine and how it will go into the body and end this terrible disease. Although some scientists consider the vaccine to be a better option in the body through nasal spray. Let us know whether a nasal spray would really be a better option.


Although many research and reports about corona are coming out, but vaccine developer Francis, an immunologist and vaccine developer at Birmingham University of Alabama, says that most of the vaccines in clinical trials are delivered to the body through muscle injections. The vaccine is applied towards the upper part of the arm. Muscle injections show good response to immunity. That’s why most vaccine developers start from here.

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Vaccine developer Francis works with ‘Ultimune’, a vaccine manufacturer. He said that ‘systemic response’ is found in the muscle injection, but ‘local response’ is not available. Genetic antibodies that reach the bloodstream in different parts of the body are called systemic responses.

But infection of a respiratory virus like corona virus usually starts from the nose or throat. Such infections remain in the nose and throat long enough to surround the immunity. A vaccine injected into the muscle can save the patient from a major danger, but the risk of infection from the throat and nose will remain even if there is no medication. A direct vaccine in the nose increases a different type of immunity, which occurs in a line cell found between the nose and throat.

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According to him, the vaccine given through ‘intranasal route’ also shows an effect on systemic immunity. Systematic immunity works to protect the body from serious diseases. While local immunity eliminates nasal and throat infections, the infection spreads through droplets when sneezing or coughing.


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