Mucormycosis Myths and Facts: Whether Black Fungus is found in onion, fridge or raw fruits, know the answers to similar questions

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Mucormycosis Myths and Facts: Mucormycosis is also known as Black Fungus. The risk of black fungus is increasing rapidly in patients recovering from Coronavirus and has proved fatal for COVID-19 patients. Everyone is upset with the black fungus and is forced to live under the fear of the fungus. In this era of Corona crisis, WhatsApp and other social media platforms are flooded with fake news and misinformation, which creates confusion and panic among the people. Now, various types of information are coming out about the black fungus and there are many questions about this fungus in the minds of the people. Let us know the answers to some myths and questions related to black fungus.

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Mucormicosis is a fatal fungal infection caused by a group of molds called micrometas.

Mucormicosis mainly affects those who have pre-existing health concerns. The central government has warned states and union territories under the Epidemic Diseases Act to make mucormycosis or black fungus a notable disease, stating that infection is contributing to the increase in the death toll in Kovid-19 patients.

At a time when cases of mucormycosis are increasing rapidly, the fake news circulating on social media is only causing fear, confusion and problems of doctors.


Is onion and black fungus found in the fridge?

There is no evidence that moldy onions or fungi found in the fridge are similar to black fungus. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the black mold on onion is caused by Aspergillus niger, a common fungus found in soil, while this fungus is not fatal. It would be wise to wash the onion well and rub the fridge well to get rid of the fungus. Also read: COVID Vaccination Myths and Facts: Stay away from vaccines on vaccines, learn the myths and facts on the vaccination process

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Can eating raw fruit cause black fungus?

AIIMS chief doctor Randeep Guleria said last week that there is no evidence that consumption of raw fruits can cause black fungus infection. Actually, many fake messages are circulating on social media that eating raw food can cause black fungus, but there is no data to confirm this.

However, we hope that the answers to these questions related to black fungus will be helpful in clearing your fears and confusion, because the black mold found in the refrigerator or onion is completely different from the fungus that causes mucormycosis.



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