Brighten the pots with these 2 home remedies in minutes


Lifestyle desk. Friends make all the delicious food, but when your dishes burn badly while cooking, good kitchens fail in cleaning it. Friends, many types of soaps and washing gels are available in the market to clean the burnt utensils, but even then their utensils do not completely clean your utensils. Friends, today we are going to tell you some local tips for cleaning burnt pots in minutes, which will be useful for you.1. You can use tomato juice to brighten the two lit dishes. Tell that to clean the burnt utensils, you should heat tomato juice and water in the burnt vessel for about 5 minutes. Now clean it by rubbing it with a scrubber. Friends, your vessel will shine with this remedy.2. We can also use lemon to brighten a burnt pot. For the information, let us tell you that to brighten a burnt pot, you take a big raw lemon and apply it on the burnt portion of the pot and heat it by adding about 3 cups of water. Now clean the burnt portion of the utensil using a brush. This solution will brighten your vessel.


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