Buying Remdesivir?  How to identify fake and real remediesvir?  IPS officer Monica Bhardwaj made people aware

रेमेडिसविर (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Buying Remdesivir? Demand for Remdesivir injection has increased rapidly in the country due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. In the midst of its increasing demand, reports of black marketing of injections are also continuously coming to the fore. In this case, there have been many arrests from different parts of the country. In the midst of Corona Crisis, not only is the black marketing of Remedisvir injection, but its fake consignment is also being sold indiscriminately. Some people selling fake consignments have also been arrested. In such a situation, the question arises that after all what Remedisvir we are buying is real or fake, how to identify it? IPS officer Monika Bhardwaj, IPS officer of Delhi Police Crime Branch has given the answer to this question which has arisen in the mind of the people.

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Monika Bhardwaj, sharing a picture on Twitter, has told how easy to identify genuine and fake Remedisvir injection. He has explained some of the mistakes in the packet of Remedisvir, by looking at it, you can know the difference between real and fake Remedisvir. ALSO READ: Chhattisgarh: Bans busting a racket involved in the black marketing of Remdesivir in Raipur, 4 arrested

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This is how to identify fake and real remedies

  • If you look at the packet of Remedisvir, ‘Rx’ is not written just before the name of fake Remedisvir injection.
  • If you look at the third line of this packet, ‘100 mg / Vial’ is written on the original injection packet, while ‘100 mg / vial’ is written on the fake packet. By mistake of this capitalization, you can know the difference between real and fake.
  • There is also a mistake in the product brand name of Remedisvir injection. You can easily find the difference by looking at the gap on the packet of fake and genuine remediesvir.
  • You will get the mistake of another capitalization on the packet of fake remediesvir. Where ‘For use in’ is written on the original packet, then ‘for use in’ is seen on the fake packet, in this F is written in small letter.
  • Warning is written in red on the back of the original Remedisvir injection packet, while it appears to be written in black on the fake packet.
  • Spelling mistakes exist in the address given on the fake Remedisvir injection packet. Like, it has Telagana written in place of Telangana. Also read: Maharashtra: Rising cases of Kovid created ruckus for antiviral remediesvir injection, seized 272 injections for black marketing, two arrested
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It is worth noting that by looking at the specifics given in the packet of genuine and fake Remedisvir injection, you can easily find out the difference between real and fake.


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