By consuming these items on Tuesday, the Magal Dosha is removed?  Know when to consume which items

Bajrangbali Hanuman (File Photo)

In Hindu scriptures, Mars is considered the commander of the planets because if Mars is kind to you, then Mars is everywhere in your life. But if there is Mars-dosh in your Kundali, then the auspiciousness in life decreases, every step of the way, unfavorable happens with you, the work being done deteriorates, negative forces are activated along with unrest and diseases in the house. But its treatment is mentioned in astrology. It is believed that on every Tuesday, Hanumanji is pleased if he recite Sundarkand along with keeping the fast of Hanumanji and gets freedom from Mangal-dosh. Astrologers believe, if the following things are consumed after the Sundarkand recitation, then there is relief from Mangal Dosha.

* eat beetroot

If there is Mangal dosha in your horoscope, then it should be consumed in some form or the other. It is said that Mars has a special effect on the blood in the body. If the person has a complaint of anemic, then he should consume beetroot on every Tuesday, it reduces Mangal dosha and brings auspiciousness.

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* Offer gram flour to Hanuman ji

Keep a fast on Tuesday and worship Hanuman ji duly and offer gram flour boondi laddoos in the prasad. After worship and aarti, distribute this prasad among the people and eat it yourself, by doing this Mars shows your favorable mood. Mangal dosha is removed.

* Offer these seasonal fruits to Hanuman ji

Apart from laddus, Hanuman ji likes fruits of banana, pomegranate and mango. According to the astrologer, if there is a defect of Mars in your horoscope, then on every Tuesday, while fasting, offer suitable fruits to Hanuman ji as Prasad. Distribute this prasad to children and other people. If there is a monkey around, then after giving him a fruit to eat, then eat prasad yourself, by doing this Bajrangbali is pleased and liberates the devotee from Mangal Dosha.

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* Drink water in a copper glass

If Mars is heavy or there is Mangal dosha in your horoscope, then wake up early in the morning after sunrise and take water in a copper glass. After taking bath, wear red colored raksha-sutra and recite Hanuman Chalisa while offering arghya to the sun.

* Eat red lentils

To get rid of Mangal Dosha, while fasting for at least five Tuesdays, eat a dish made of lentils while breaking the fast after sunset. But keep in mind, do not use salt in the dishes at all, and it would be better if you donate red lentils before Parana,

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distribute sweets to relatives

To get rid of Mangal Dosha, offer sweets in Prasad on every Tuesday and after distributing it to a large number of relatives, take the Prasad yourself. But it must be kept in mind that before distributing the offered prasad to God, do not distribute it by wearing it, otherwise the effect of Mangal Dosh will remain.

note- All the information given in this article has been written for informational purpose on the basis of prevailing beliefs and is the personal opinion of the author. We make no guarantees about its accuracy, accuracy or specific results. Everyone’s thinking and opinion about this can be different.


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