Can Kovid-19 make sugar patients


No matter how many workouts you do, but to reduce weight, 80 percent of the diet and 20 percent of the exercise can be completed only. You can set your fitness goal only by this fitness formula. What are you taking in the diet and in which postion… all these things matter. At the same time, you are doing one hour workout continuously and eating everything, it will not make you lose weight on the vending machine. Keeping in mind the ratio of ratio 80:20, a clean eating diet has been planned for those who want to lose weight. You can easily lose weight by following it. Cosmetic surgeon anti-aging, beauty and wellness expert Dr. Geeta Grewal is giving information about clean diet.

What is clean eating

It can be said that clean eating is a new name in the diet and nutrition industry. Clean eating simply means eating natural things and keeping away from processed food to improve your health. Clean eating is not a diet but a way of eating. Under this, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fat etc. are given importance. Healthy fats include nuts, avocados, seeds. It contains mostly unsaturated fats, which helps reduce inflammation in the body and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Whereas, limited amounts of sugar, salt as well as processed foods are avoided.

Understand clean concept

Clean diet does not mean eating it only by making it clean. It means eating fresh fruits and vegetables here. Avoid eating rancid. Be less dependent on the fridge. Eat food made in less oil, it comes in all clean eating. Along with this, it also gives you many health benefits, such as, to lose weight, it keeps your health away from the risk of diseases.



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