Ramzan 2021: Can you donate plasma along with taking corona vaccine in Ramadan, know the answers to such important questions

Ramadan Mubarak 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Ramzan 2021: Ramadan is the hottest month of the Islamic religion. In this Pak month of Reality and Barkat, Muslims from all over the world are spending more and more time in the worship of Allah by keeping fast. Before the sunrise, people of the Muslim community start their fast by doing Sehri and open their fast with Iftar after sunset. This year, Mah-e-Ramadan is being celebrated amidst the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic. However, vaccination campaign against Corona is also in full swing in the country. In such a situation, the question arises whether Rojas can take Corona vaccine in Ramadan and can they donate plasma to save someone’s life. Let us know the answers to some such questions…

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Can people take corona vaccine by keeping fasting fast?

According to the scholars of Islam religion, the Sharia is exempted that if anyone has any health problem, then he can leave Rosa. However, the corona vaccine is not a common injection, because after applying it, people have to remain under observation and if there is any problem, they are treated accordingly. In such a situation, Islamic scholars believe that do not fast on the day the vaccine is to be installed. Although vaccination is being done at night in many places, in such a situation vaccine can be installed after iftar.

Can Plasma donate by keeping a daily fast?

Ramadan is called the month of mercy and blessings, so this whole month people do good and noble work. By donating plasma, the life of a needy can be saved and saving one’s life in the religion of Islam has been said to be very fortunate. According to scholars of the religion of Islam, rosaries can give plasma and donate blood to anyone, but plasma or blood cannot be offered to a rosary.

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Amid Corona crisis, can Taraweeh prayers be offered at home?

In Ramadan month, the fasting people offer fasting prayers for 5 times. Especially the Rosadars go to the mosque to recite the prayers of Taraweeh, but in view of Corona, it is necessary for the people to offer namaz only by staying in the houses. Or if you want to offer Taraweeh prayers in the mosque, then it is necessary to follow all the guidelines issued by the government. Let us know that the prayer of Taraweeh lasts for one to one and a half hours, so offering this namaz in the crowd can increase the risk of infection.

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Significantly, in the religion of Islam, there has been a concession that, due to any compulsion or health reasons, they can leave the fast and instead of it can keep the fast at any time of the year. It is said that if you leave Rosa due to any reason, then donate food to a needy on that day or donate an amount equal to it. However, hopefully all the dilemmas of your mind, from taking the corona vaccine to donating the plasma, have been overcome.



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