(Change if this is the habit of drinking water)



Drinking too much water is harmful for health. If you are drinking 4-5 liters of water in 24 hours, then change your habit. Drinking less water is harmful for health, just like drinking too much water is not very good for health.

By drinking more water, your organ has to do a lot of work. This affects his ability to work. If someone is a diabetic or prostate patient or has an overactive bladder, then drinking too much water is not right for him. To stay healthy and to avoid illness or to keep under control, only two and a half to three liters of water should be drunk. This is fine for all types of people.

There is a very misconception among the common people that drinking more water keeps the health very good, there is no disease. Normal humans should not drink too much water. According to thirst, we should drink water.

How much water in 24 hours?
– Three liters in summer and two and a half liters in winter is sufficient. One liter of water is released through sweat and breath in summer and 1500 mL of urine. If someone eats 10 to 15 tablets, they should take the medicine with some water. If going for urin at night, drink 20 mL of water instead of one liter of water.

– If we are a diabetic patient and have early signs of kidney failure, then we should not drink too much water. Blood pressure increases with too much water, the heart is not able to complete. The load on the kidney increases and in this case the kidney of the patient may fail.

– If someone has prostate disease and the bladder is unable to remove the entire urine, then their disease increases greatly. It is usually okay to go to Urine 8 times in 24 hours, but if going for Urine 12 to 15 times then it is a matter of concern.


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