Child care tips: If gas is being produced in the stomach of small children, then immediately take these home remedies


Lifestyle desk. Friends, almost all of us know what happens when there is gas in the stomach. But friends, if the same problem happens to our small children, then they are not able to bear it. Parents are also very upset to see this situation of young children. Friends, if gas is also forming in the stomach of your small child, then today we are going to tell you some indigenous remedies to overcome it. Trying these Ayurvedic home remedies will bring relief to your young children.

1. If you are having gas in your baby’s stomach, abdominal massage is a great way to relieve him. For this, gently lie your baby on the stomach in a clockwise direction and then move your hand to the bottom of his abdomen. For information, we will tell you that this process helps to easily discharge the gas trapped between the intestines.2. You can also use asafoetida in case of two small children having gas. To try this recipe, dissolve some asafetida in water and apply it around your baby’s navel.



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