Child care tips: Remove the runny nose of young children with these home remedies


Lifestyle Desk. Friends, almost all of us know how irritable and disturbed a person is when he has a cold. But friends, if the same problem happens to our small children, then they are not able to bear it. Parents are also very upset to see this situation of young children. Friends, today we are going to tell you some home remedies to cure runny nose of small children. Trying these Ayurvedic home remedies will bring great relief to your young children.1. Ginger and honey are considered the best ways to stop the runny nose of small children. For information, let us tell you that to prevent runny nose, grind a piece of ginger and add honey to its juice. Now give this mixture to your child two to three times a day. This will give relief to your child.2. You can also use mustard oil to stop runny nose of small children. For this, heat mustard oil with asafetida, garlic and celery. Now massage your baby’s back and chest with this oil. Friends, your baby will get relief from this desi recipe.



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