Clove is packed with powerful antioxidants. They boost our body’s immune system and help keep us safe from infections such as corona.

In addition, cloves reduce body weight; Regulating blood sugar levels
Eugenol oil in cramps is a good source of herbal compounds.
Cramp’s strong antiseptic properties help fight toothache, gum problems and stomach ulcers such as ulcers.

Cloves are enriched with antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to cure sore throat, cold, cough and headache.

Eugenol in cramps helps ease digestion. It plays an important role in healthy weight loss. Also cloves help in metabolism naturally.
Clove can help give you a beautiful complexion
Clove can help regulate blood sugar levels. A study by the Journal of Natural Medicine found that giving rats cloves tested positive for low blood sugar.

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