The most beneficial is to consume fruits on an empty stomach in the morning


There are some common habits of our daily routine, which we do every day, but do not know how harmful they are for us. Here we are telling you some such habits which people often do right after eating food but do not know how dangerous it can be for them.

Do not eat fruit immediately after meals

If you eat fruits immediately after eating, then they do not reach the intestines in the right way. In such a situation, the nutrition received from them remains incomplete. On this basis, it is said that fruits should be consumed after one hour of eating. It is best to eat fruits on an empty stomach in the morning.

Never drink tea after dinner

Often people have a habit of drinking tea after eating food and behind this they argue that the food is digested by drinking tea. You will be surprised to know that tea leaves have high acidification. This affects the digestion of protein and is not easily digested. In such a situation, despite having a strong desire to drink tea, drink tea only after one hour of eating.

Sleep after dinner

It takes a little time to digest after eating food. In such a situation, we should try not to sleep immediately after eating food. This increases the risk of gas and intestinal infections.

cigarette smoking

Smoking cigarettes is a bad addiction in itself, which causes many types of heart and respiratory diseases. According to experts, smoking immediately after eating can be ten times dangerous. Also, the risk of cancer also increases manifold.

Quick bath

During bathing, hands and feet are in active state due to which the blood circulation of these organs increases greatly. Increasing blood circulation in these organs affects the blood flow in the stomach and affects digestion.


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