You can get glowing skin by consuming favorite fruits


You can get bright and beautiful skin by getting rid of skin diseases by consuming favorite fruits. If you are fond of eating fruits then you will get healthy body and beautiful skin just like this. Eating fruit enhances your outer and inner beauty.

Lemon : Lemon is considered a source of vitamin-C and mineral. Lemons can be used in many ways as beauty ingredients. Lemon should be used only after mixing it in water, otherwise it can also cause skin damage.

A thick lemon solution should be avoided. Although lemon peels in knees, elbows can be rubbed directly and then washed with water. Continuous use of lemon makes the skin clean and fair and improves the complexion.

Lemon can also be used as a handloration. Mix lemon juice in rose water and rub it on the skin of hands. If the hands are rough, rub the mixture of lemon juice and sugar on the skin of the hands until the sugar dissolves completely. Wash hands after a while with fresh fresh water. Continuous use of this mixture softens the skin of the hands and improves the skin.

To make hair shiny and soft, mix lemon juice in boiled tea leaves and use this solution to wash hair. This makes the hair soft and shiny. After drying the lemon peels, its powder is used to make a facepack.

Ripe papaya: Papaya is also called the food of angels due to its many special qualities. Papaya is an anti-oxidant replete with vitamins A, B, potassium, copper and magnesium. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which is helpful in removing dead skin cells.

Applying ripe papaya pulp makes the skin shiny and clean. Regular consumption of papaya also improves skin tone. Face mask is prepared by mixing barley flour, curd and honey in papaya pudding. Wash the face with fresh water after 20-30 minutes after applying this facemask on the face. Papaya pulp can be added to curd and applied to the entire body.

banana : Banana is considered the most popular fruit in terms of nutrition and health benefits. It is considered to be the most valuable source of potassium and vitamin-C. Banana plays an important role in the beauty of both skin and hair. Potassium present in bananas makes both hair and skin soft. Banana pulp can be used as both a facepack and a hairpack.

Banana plays an important role in recovering from the damage caused by repeated hair dyeing or other chemical treatments. Apply banana pulp or pulp on the face like a face pack and wash the face after 20 minutes with fresh water. A hair pack can be prepared by mixing egg yolk or yogurt in banana pulp.

If you have very dry hair, churn the banana pulp and add a spoon of glycerin or honey to it. In this way the hair pack will be ready. Almond oil can also be added to it.

Apple : Apple provides countless health benefits. Nutritional elements such as vitamin C, B6, rivoflavon, potassium, copper, magnesium, etc. are abundant in apples. Apples contain nutritional ingredients such as fitonu tents and flavonoids.

Pectin is found in apples, which is considered very helpful for sensitive skin. Apples are considered ‘skin toners’, which play an important role in skin strengthening and blood circulation. Apples have anti-oxidant properties that play an effective role in preventing oxidation in the skin. This helps to prevent skin wrinkles and can prevent aging.

The fruit acids present in apple play an important role in cleansing the skin and are helpful in removing dead skin cells. It makes the skin glow and black spots also disappear.

Apply raw apple pulp and apple juice on the skin daily for 20 minutes and wash it with fresh water. The apple can be grinded and incorporated into a face mask. Make a paste by mixing barley flour in curd, honey and apple pulp. After applying this mixture on the face for 20-30 minutes, wash the face with fresh water.


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