Consumption of gooseberry helps in increasing immunity, but more intake can make you sick


new Delhi. All of them know that amla is very beneficial for health. But today we will tell you that using it in large quantities is harmful.


Amla is commonly used in many things. Gooseberries, juices and pickles are also made from amla. Many people also like to eat raw amla. Consuming amla in large quantities puts the risk of serious diseases.

High blood pressure problem

Eating Amla in large quantities can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure patients should avoid taking amla.

Liver related problems

Consuming amla in large quantities can cause liver problems. Eating amla in large quantities increases the amount of GPT in the liver. The digestive system does not function properly because of its increased volume.

Kidney problems

Eating Amla in large quantities can cause kidney problems. Excess intake of amla increases the sodium level of the body, due to which the kidneys are not able to function properly.

Urine irritation

Drinking amla in excess can cause irritation in urin. Many people also experience bad odor in urine due to consuming amla.


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