Consumption of radish is very helpful in controlling BP.


There are many vegetables and fruits that are ‘seasonal’ and they are eaten only during the summer and winter seasons. One of these vegetables is radish which removes many diseases of the stomach and benefits the liver. Anthocyanins are found in it, which relieves many diseases of the body. Let us tell you the benefits of this –

Eliminate body dirt

Kidney diseases are cured by eating radish. Due to its use, the toxins present in the body come out, so this vegetable is also known as natural clinger. By consuming fiber-rich radish, the intestines of the body remain extremely healthy. To avoid stomach disease, drinking ginger juice and lemon mixed with radish juice is considered beneficial.

Maintain digestion

To avoid stomach diseases, eating radish is good. The stomach remains healthy due to its intake. To get rid of stomach heaviness, eat radish juice mixed with salt. This increases digestive power.

Liver made healthy

Taking radish makes liver healthy. Include radish in your diet daily. It cures jaundice and benefits the body.

Keep bp controlled

Anti hypertensive properties are found in radish which can control high blood pressure. By consuming radish, the body gets potassium, which keeps the blood pressure level of the body under control.


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